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INFO & Policies

All of the details regarding dance attire, costumes and pricing


Dance attire

Students should wear comfortable, fitted dance clothing, in black or red. Please purchase your dance class attire from Dance Theatre Shop in Mountain View, as they have our dance attire on reserve; simply tell them you are from Firebird, and they’ll supply the necessary clothing. If they don’t have your size or style in stock, they can order it or substitute a similar style.

Long hair should be pulled up into a bun or pony-tail.

The type of dance shoe to be worn depends on the class and the choreography, and will be explained to each class by the instructors.

makeup Classes

You can easily make-up any missed class. Makeup classes never expire and can be used anytime. You may not substitute accumulated makeup classes for monthly tuition payments. Toddler & Parent makeup classes are by appointment only; please call ahead. For makeup classes ages 3+, no appointment is necessary. If you miss two weeks or more in any month due to vacation, let us know before the 1st of that month, to receive a 1/2 month discount. For full month absences, please let us know before the 1st of the month to avoid billing for that month. We do not discount monthly tuition for individual missed classes.


Firebird provides its students with costumes for performances. They are unique and custom-made, and range from $50-$500 per costume. Therefore, an annual costume rental fee of $65 for Tiny Performers, Twist & Shout, Show Stoppers and $80 for Spotlight, Encore, Teens and Adults is due with your first payment of the season. This fee is for all performing groups, ages 3+, and covers performances in the current season only. If costumes are lost or damaged while in the student’s possession, the student is responsible for the cost for that costume.

We will distribute costumes on the last rehearsal before each performance. Costumes are to be returned at the next rehearsal after each performance, hung on individual hangers, and never crumpled or in plastic bags.

Costume care: after performances, always hang your costumes, each on individual hangers, and store in a cool, dry place. Do not put costumes in plastic bags. Once costumes are returned, Firebird will take care of dry cleaning / washing of costumes.


Tuition is collected for each calendar month. Payment is due on the 1st of each month, and there is a $20 late fee for payments submitted after the 10th of the month. We strongly recommend setting up autopay to avoid late fees. We accept most major credit cards for online autopay. Current credit card must be on record.

We also accept cash or check payments. For cash, place payment in an envelope labeled with student name(s), class, and amount enclosed. Make checks payable to Firebird Dance Studio, and include student name(s) and class in the memo.



One group class is a 45-minute long. There are four weeks of classes per month. Classes for ages 3+ have a $50 annual registration fee, due with your 1st payment of the season. This fee is due at the start of the season or at time of enrollment, and covers the current season.


1 Class/week – $80/month


1 Class/week – $105/mo
2 Classes/week – $180/mo
3 Classes/week – $210/mo
4 Classes/week – $225/mo
Unlimited Weekly Classes – $250/mo

SIBLING Discounts

2nd child – $30 off monthly tuition
3rd child – $50 off monthly tuition

Private classes

1-2 Students, 30-minutes – $60/class
1-2 Students, 45-minutes – $80/class
3-4 Students, 30-minutes – $100/class
3-4 Students, 45-minutes – $120/class
5-class package – 5th class is 50% off
10-class package – 10th class is free

Costume Rental Fee

Students age 3 to 10 – $65/season
Students age 11 to adult – $80/season

Show participation fee

Firebird students perform many times each year, for which no performance fees are required. However, once or twice each year, Firebird performs in a special production or an original dance show in a large, beautiful theater. To offset the costs associated with performing in such venues, there is a $50 Show Participation Fee per performing dancer only for large productions. We will always inform our dancers and parents in advance about these shows, and when this fee will be due.