Lessons with the Masters

Creative master classes and workshops in a variety of subjects, all working toward a new show each year


Each season, Firebird Creative Center begins a new project which culminates in a new theatrical dance show. In addition to dance, our shows often include a combination of acting, music, vocals, visual art, video, sets, costume art and design. Imagine your child getting the unique opportunity to glimpse the many crafts and talents required for creating a stage production, both onstage and behind the curtains. Here, they can tap into their own inner dancer, performer, actor, set builder, costume designer, and more, in one place.

Firebird will host several master workshops and master classes in a wide variety of these subjects, where students will be mentored by guest artists, musicians, teachers and lecturers who are true masters of their crafts! These extraordinary, passionate guest teachers  are eager to share their mastery with Firebird Creative Center students!


Our recent project

The Little Prince


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We invite students age 8 and up to participate first-hand in the creation of the many components that will go into each multi-faceted project and each new show. Master classes will range in length from a single lecture to a multi-day workshop.