Firebird Dance Theatre


Take part in award-winning, original theatrical dance shows

Firebird Dance Theatre is the Studio's performing company, under the artistic direction of Lotta Lysaya Burton. The theatre has a broad repertoire of dances that blur the boundaries between world and contemporary dance, and are known for their vibrant performances and unique choreography.

We have had the honor of performing on the greatest stages of the San Francisco Bay Area, and have also toured in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and Spain.


Upcoming Show


Our new show

The Little Prince

December 14, 2019 @ 5PM
Oshman Family JCC, Palo Alto
Details coming soon

Firebird Dance Theatre and Yes Creative Lab invite you to experience the beloved story by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.



Our Shows



Based on Carlo Collodi’s timeless character, Pinocchio is the story of a mischievous puppet who dreams of great adventure. Pinocchio is seduced by the grandeur of a marionette theater, gets bamboozled by the sly Fox and Cat, and finds himself in the Land of Fools, only wishing to find his way back home.


From London to Neverland

Imagine a London neighborhood where a posh Darling family is on a birthday outing. The only spoiler are the lost boys, commandeered by Peter Pan, who pick pockets to get by. But when Peter Pan meets Wendy, together they dream about a place where their worlds become one.



In this lush feast for the eyes, the audience gets to witness what happens when the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Imagine a nameless town, where every day is the same and everyone is dressed in black and gray, until one day a traveling circus comes to town! Suddenly, the town fills with colors an excitement — a world reminiscent of the spectacular circuses of the early 1900s.



Inspired by the stories of Shalom Aleichem, Simcha is an endearing tale about a Jewish family’s journey from the shtetl of Eastern Europe to America. At times, both soulful and funny, Simcha weaves dance and memorable songs together in a touching story that will fill your heart with the joy of life.



A visual and musical feast for the senses, Quintessence combines Russian dance, music, and clownery to create an utterly unique theatrical experience. Quintessence is inspired by the ancient philosophy of the fifth element and features world famous clown theater, Licedei, and renowned Russian rock groups, Red Elvises and Ivan Kupala.



Firebird Dance Theatre's first full-length original show, Alice in Wonderland, is an imaginative reinvention of the classic Lewis Carol story. The show was created as part of Firebird Dance School's 15th Anniversary celebration and takes the audience on a journey of world dance.